Jewellery Care

Pamper Your Precious Pieces:

A Guide to 7th Avenue Jewellery Care
At 7th Avenue, we craft each piece of jewellery with love and meticulous attention to detail. To ensure your handcrafted treasures stay sparkling for years to come, follow these simple yet effective care tips:

● Treat with Tenderness: Remember, handcrafted jewellery, especially certain stones, is delicate. Avoid wearing them during activities like strenuous exercise or cooking that could cause damage.

● Find a Cool, Dry Sanctuary: Keep your jewellery in a cool, dry place away from humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

● Wear Wisely: Rings, bangles, and bracelets are more prone to impact damage. Wear them strategically to minimize nicks and breaks.

● Shower Savvy: Before washing your hands or showering, remove your rings. Soap residue can build up and dull the shine, while harsh soaps and detergents can even permanently tarnish the metal.

● Boxed and Beautiful: Store your jewellery in individual pouches or boxes to prevent scratches, chipping, and tangles. This is especially important for pieces strung with beads or pearls. Skip commercially available boxes that might contain harmful chemicals; instead, opt for plastic boxes lined with soft cotton cloth and bubble wrap for optimal protection.

● Simple Shine: All 7th Avenue jewellery is hand-polished before purchase. However, over time, all metals naturally oxidize and tarnish. To restore their original brilliance, gently buff your jewellery with a soft cloth after wearing. This removes any grooming products that may have accumulated and could cause blackening or dullness during storage.

● Ditch the Harsh Cleaners: Skip the harsh liquid cleaners! Use only a soft, dry cloth to clean all metals – alloy, silver, and gold.

● Rejuvenate Your Plating: Gold plating wears down with extended wear. To restore its shine, we offer replating at a minimal cost. Contact our team for details.

● Surface Matters: Avoid contact with hard surfaces that can scratch or damage the plating or enamelling.

● Cleaning Essentials: Never use detergents, soaps, or toothpaste to clean your jewellery.

● Dress for Success: Apply makeup, perfume, and cosmetics before putting on your jewellery to avoid potential damage.

● Extra Stone Care: All gemstone jewellery requires special attention while wearing to protect the setting.

● Pearl Power: Pearls are delicate! Store them in a soft-lined box, separate from other jewellery that could cause scratches.

● Light & Heat Sensitivity: Keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight and heat, as it can fade some stones.

● Handcrafted Disclaimer: While we strive for the highest quality and craftsmanship, slight imperfections or issues might occur due to the handcrafted nature of the pieces.

● Repair with Confidence: If you have any concerns about your jewellery, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to assist you if the repair falls within our service scope.