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September 15, 2017

What’s Couture?

The more I interact with international designers and get accustomed to shopping in high street labels in Europe, the more I understand the importance of couture, and more so the value it holds. I’m addicted to every little aspect of fashion and I consider myself so lucky to be attached to a country where ‘couture’ is so accessible. It makes me wonder how much I’ve taken this term for granted my entire life.
When I would think of Haute Couture, I would primarily be dreaming of models walking down a runway in outfits 35 times the size of their waist. (Or a breed of feathers popping out of a quaint little corner.)

But now that I stop and really think about it, haute couture lies in the simple, undisputed beauty of custom-fitted clothing. Simply that. Something that was made specially for you, and belongs to only you. Do we really stop to value our neighbourhood tailor that comes home, takes our custom measurements, sketches out his ideas, shows you samples of fabrics, of borders, of embellishments. I remember a time I had an idea for an outfit and I bugged my mum until she took me to buy fabric from an wholesale store. When the tailor came home, I was so excited, I even grabbed his little notebook, found a page that wasn’t almost tearing apart, and attempted my very first sketch. I know I didn’t value it then but now that I look back, is that the most intimate I’ve been with an item I’ve ever worn?

Lets reinvent our thoughts and maybe that could help in reinventing our fashion, everyday.

{Wearing Priya Chhabria custom-made gown, House of Bio clutch & 7th Avenue Jewellery necklace)

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